Site Updates & Developments 1/20

dristen by dristen | Announcements | 0 Comments | 20 Jan 2018

Hi everyone! I wanted to make this post to touch base with all of you. If you’ve been frequenting the site for the past few months, you’ll know we’ve come a long way from the beginning. I am working very…

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Popular Mods

  • CJB Item Spawner Mod Ever wish you could have any item from the game at any time? Now you can! With a simple press of your 'i' key you will open up a neat menu that contains every item imaginable. You can even hover ... 11 views
  • Haley Vampire Revamp Mod Haley Vampire Revamp Mod Want to spice up your game for Halloween, or just for fun? Try this mod that  completely overhauls Haley and turns her into a vampire! Included in the mod are a complete set of portraits to give her that vampire ... 7 views
  • Sebastian Dialogue Overhaul Mod Sebastian Dialogue Overhaul Mod Need a change-up of dialogue for Sebastian? You've come to the right place! This mod will add roughly 100 new lines of dialogue. There is a new dialogue for every day of the week throughout one year and the various ... 4 views

Popular Items

  • Tilapia Tilapia   Tilapia   Info The Tilapia is a Fish that can be caught in the Ocean during Summer and Fall between 6:00AM-2:00PM. Tilapia can sometimes be purchased from Krobus or The Traveling Cart. Consuming the Tilapia will heal 11-20 health and 25-45 energy depending on ... 4 views
  • Rainbow Trout Rainbow Trout     Rainbow Trout   Info The Rainbow Trout is a Fish that can be caught in the mountain lake and the river between 6:00AM-7:00PM during Summer. The weather must also be sunny. Consuming the Rainbow Trout will restore 11-20 health and 25-45 energy depending on ... 4 views
  • Lead Rod Lead Rod   Lead Rod   Info The Lead Rod is a Weapon. You can obtain this weapon as a monster drop in the Skull Cavern and The Mines. The selling price is 150g.   Stats Weapon Level  Damage Crit. Chance Buff 3  18-27  .02 Speed-4   3 views

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