Access Chests Anywhere Mod


Stardew Valley Access Chests Anywhere Mod

Enter a dungeon without your sword? Forget your seeds in your storage chest? No worries! With this insanely powerful mod, you’ll be able to grab those essential items and anything else you may need without tediously having to walk back to your chests. You even have access to your fridge!

How It Works

By default you can open your chests anywhere with the B key, although this is can easily be customized to your liking in the config file. You can use the drop-down menu in the top left corner to navigate, or simply use the left and right arrow keys. You will also get a handy tooltip showing you the name of any chest you hover your mouse over within the game.

Stardew Valley Access Chests Anywhere Mod 2

Not only can you store and withdraw items from your chests, you can also edit and organize them anywhere you want! You can…

  • Set or change the chest name
  • Set the order of the chests
  • Hide a chest from the list
  • Set a category for your chest

Check out this OP mod and never worry about forgetting an item again!.. but be warned, once you’re adjusted to using chests anywhere you’ll have a hard time turning it off!





Created by Pathoschild
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This mod is SMAPI compatible! Check out our SMAPI modding guide!
There are no additional requirements for this mod.
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