Adventure Time Hairstyles Mod

Adventure Time, c’mon grab your friends, we’re going to very distant lands! Any Adventure Time fans here? Well, this mod is right up your alley! It includes 13 brand new hairstyles for your game that will make you look like your favorite AT character. Once installed, the new hairstyles will be in the following slots:

  • #17 – Finn’s hat, no hair
  • #18 – Finn’s hat, with hair 
  • #19 – Prince Gumball
  • #33 – Fionna’s hat 
  • #34 – Fionna, hair down, bunny hairband
  • #35 – Princess Bubblegum, hair down
  • #36 – Princess Bubblegum, hair up
  • #37 – PB, hair down, no color
  • #38 – PB, hair down, no color, darker outlines
  • #39 – Marceline, hair down
  • #40 – Marceline, half shaved
  • #41 – Marceline, ponytail
  • #42 – Flame Princess
Stardew Valley Adventure Time Hairstyles Mod


Some other info about the mod:

  • No vanilla hairstyles will be replaced
  • There may be some bald hairstyles in the extra slots, you can just ignore these
  • Hairstyles with accessories (headwear), the hair color slider needs to be set to white and as bright as possible





Created by Peroxidewren
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