Stardew Valley Alex

Alex is the village’s sports enthusiast and his birthday is during summer on the 13th. He always has his trusty football with him can be found tossing it around during the day. He will also hang around the beach in the summer and work at the ice cream shop west of the Museum. He lives with his grandparents Evelyn and George. His house is southeast of the general store. He is also one of the game’s available bachelors.



Gifts will have 8x their normal effect if you give them to Alex on his birthday – 13th of Summer.


Special Events

Alex has 6 available special events triggered by various actions at certain heart levels. Here you can find a list of event triggers along with any other requirements.

Two Hearts
Visit Alex at the Beach during the Summer.
This event will start if you go into town between 9:00AM-4:00PM.
Visit Alex when he is home.
Six Hearts
Visit Alex when he is home.
Visit Alex at the Beach on a sunny day.
Ten Hearts
Alex will mail you a letter. After reading it, enter the Stardrop Saloon between 7:00PM-10:00PM.

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