Animal Sitter Mod

There’s a lot of different content to check out in Stardew Valley, and it can be hard to participate in all of it while keeping up with your farm. This mod will take care of your animals for you! It has a plethora of customizations to make it feel as legit as you’d like.

Stardew Valley Animal Sitter Mod

When you wake up in the morning each day, you can simply press the ‘O’ key to activate the mod. Doing this will have someone pet, feed, and harvest your animals. You have the option to also have it max out their happiness and friendship levels! Got some baby animals? You can automatically make them adults too!

Stardew Valley Animal Sitter Mod 2





Created by jwdred
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This mod is SMAPI compatible! Check out our SMAPI modding guide!
There are no additional requirements for this mod.

There is a ton of changes that can be made when editing the config file for this mod!

“keybind”: “O”,
“growUpEnabled”: false,
“maxHappinessEnabled”: false,
“maxFullnessEnabled”: false,
“harvestEnabled”: true,
“pettingEnabled”: true,
“maxFriendshipEnabled”: false,
“verboseLogging”: false,
“costPerAction”: 0,
“whoChecks”: “spouse”,
“enableMessages”: true,
“takeTrufflesFromPigs”: true,
“bypassInventory”: false,
“chestCoords”: “73, 14”,
“chestDefs”: “”

keybind: The key that you press to tell your animal helper to get to work. This defaults to the “O” key.

growUpEnabled: This open tells your animal helper that you’d like them to use dark magic to instantly bring young animals up to the age where they can become contributing members of your farm. Default is false.

maxHappinessEnabled: This option tells your animal helper that you don’t care how long (or where) they have to pet your animals, but their job is not done until each animal’s happiness is maxed. Default is false.

maxFullnessEnabled: This option tells your animal helper to feed your animals. A full animal is a producing animal. Default is false.

harvestEnabled: This tells your animal worker to harvest the animal drops. If you like doing this yourself, then set this to false.

pettingEnabled: This tells your animal worker that you want your animals petted. This is the whole reason I made this mod, so it defaults to true. So if you set this to “false”, please keep it to yourself. If you enjoy petting each of your animals (because you don’t have a hundred of them) then set it to false.

maxFriendshipEnabled: This tells your animal worker whether they have to wear your “you” mask, so that the affection of the animals is directed toward you, and not the help. Defaults to false.

verboseLogging: This enables or disabled debug logging. Useful for troubleshooting.

costPerAction: This is how much to charge per action per animal. There have been some suggestions around this option, and I do have plans to introduce a more complex pricing structure in the future, but for now just make sure this includes all services that you want the animal checker to perform, and average it out over the number of actions. Defaults to 0.

takeTrufflesFromPigs: Whoever trainedm these pigs did an awful job, as they have a tendency to hide truffles. Where? I’m not exactly sure, but they’ve got ’em, trust me. With this option enabled, your farm helper will perform a TSA-approved body cavity search and find them. If you love the person who is doing your checking, or if you want your pigs to remain unviolated, or if you consider this cheating, then set it to false.

whoChecks: This is the name of the person (or animal) who checks your animals. Defaults to “spouse”. You can also set it to “pet”– they do a really good job, but they don’t provide much feedback. You can also set this to any character in the game, which will enable dialogues with that character. If it’s set to anything else, that name will be used in messages.

enableMessages: Thisis whether to enable in-game messages and dialogues revolving around your animal checker. It defaults to true.

bypassInventory: Whether to bypass your inventory when depositing animal drops, and go straight to the chests you have defined. Defaults to false.

chestCoords: These are the coordinates of the default chest where overflow items are placed. It defaults to (73,14) which is the tile location, when you are looking at your screen, is to the immediate right of the sell-box.

chestDefs: This is a bar-separated list of chest locations that you have defined for specific items. It defaults to blank, but here is an example: “430,70,14|340,7,4,FarmHouse” You can see there are 2 options.

The first specifies the item ID and the chest coordinates, this knows to check for a chest on the farm at that location. The second specifies an item id, a chest location, and a building. This will look for a chest at (7,4) in the FarmHouse (which in the starting house is the spot next to the fireplace).

I’ve had varying luck in using building names: Cellar, FarmHouse work well, while Shed doesn’t work. This functionality is experimental, and I plan to get it working better as I better learn how buildings are identified.

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