Animals to Pokemon Mod

Need some more Pokemon in your Stardew life? How about replacing some of your farm animals with Pokemon! This mod will replace your white cows with Miltanks, your baby sheep with Mareep, and your normal sheep with Flaafys! All sprites are fully animated as well, check ’em out!

Adult Sheep

Baby Sheep

White Cows


First off, back up your Content folder! This is very important, you’ll need to do this to remove the mod without potentially messing up your game. You can do this by navigating to your Stardew Valley folder and copy and pasting the Content folder to your desktop. I recommend you re-name it to something like “Content Original” so you can always use this to restore your game to the vanilla version. For help finding your game’s local files, check out part of this guide.

Next you’ll need to replace all of the .xnb files from the download with the corresponding files in your Stardew Valley folders. Once done, restart your game and you’re ready to go!

Created by: TinyKawaiiSatan

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