All Artifacts In Geodes Mod

Let’s face it. Completing the museum is a pain. It’s the most RNG based activity to complete in the entire game! With the help of this mod, you will be able to receive artifacts by new means, with geodes!

There are two mod options available. You can choose to have a loot chance from magma geodes (which are quite common) and omni geodes (which are quite rare), or for a bit of a tougher challenge only from omni geodes. These will allow you to collect artifacts in a fun new way, while still keeping a challenge in your game. Goodluck completing your collection!

Stardew Valley All Artifacts In Geodes Mod Stardew Valley All Artifacts In Geodes Mod 2


Download Mod - Version 1 Download Mod - Version 2



Created by xB3Nx
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This mod is an XNB file! Check out our XNB modding guide!
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