Need to make a bulk amount of a certain object? Make things easier with this helpful mod! You’ll be able to place a chest next to machines, which will pull out items and automatically process them. Each chest you place is able to be connected to up to eight machines; you can create a small factory!


Stardew Valley Automate Mod


You can create tons of objects using this mod, here’s a full list:

  • bee houses
  • casks
  • charcoal kilns
  • cheese presses
  • crab pots
  • crystalariums
  • fruit trees
  • furnaces
  • garbage cans
  • hay hoppers
  • Junimo huts
  • incubators (for eggs)
  • kegs
  • lightning rods
  • looms
  • mayonnaise machines
  • mills
  • mushroom boxes
  • oil makers
  • preserves jars
  • recycling machines
  • seed makers
  • shipping bin
  • silos
  • slime egg-presses
  • slime incubators
  • tappers
  • worm bins


1.3 Beta Download




Pre-1.3 Beta Download




Created by Pathoschild
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