This mod will provide you with some different recolor options for the big bed you unlock after the second house upgrade. Along with the standard colors, you can also recolor it to make any of the available wallpapers! Use the image of numbered wallpapers below as a reference for the file you install.

Stardew Valley Beds Recolor Mod

To use a wallpaper recolor, install the file with the corresponding number on the chart above!

This is what some of the beds look like!

361 0 1462175955
361 1 1462175954
361 1 1462203625
361 4 1462175954


Download Mod - Version 1 Download Mod - Version 2



Created by Lumisteria
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This mod is an XNB file! Check out our XNB modding guide!
There are no additional requirements for this mod.
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