Stardew Valley Bee House   Bee House


The Bee House is a craftable type of equipment. You can use it to make Honey by placing it on your farm and waiting roughly 4 days. You can create ‘flower honey’, which sells for more gold, by placing flowers within range of the Bee House (see range chart below). If you harvest the flowers before the honey, or remove the Bee House, the honey will turn back to its ‘wild’ form. If multiple types of flowers are within range, the flower closest to the Bee House will be associated with the value of the ‘flower honey’.

Bee Houses will not produce Honey if placed inside the Greenhouse.



Stardew Valley Bee House40 Wood

8 Coal

1 Iron Bar

1 Maple Syrup

Unlocks at Farming level 3



Stardew Valley Bee House Range

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