This mod greatly improves the way your sprinklers will function! It also includes some helpful highlights when placing your sprinklers and even the scarecrows!

Stardew Valley Better Sprinklers Mod

The hotkey for configuring your sprinkler settings is the ‘K’ key. You simply pick the area you want your sprinklers to water and press OK.

Some key features of this mod are as follows:

  • Default sprinkler shapes allow more flexibility in farm layouts.
  • You can use any shape you want, literally.
  • Automatic balancing, sprinkler monetary value, and crafting cost increase as you increase the sprinkler area, ensuring the game stay balanced.
  • When placing sprinklers or scarecrows you can a highlight of the area they cover.
  • After pressing a hotkey (default, F3) you can also see highlight of the areas when hovering the cursor over existing sprinklers and scarecrows.






Created by OrSpeeder
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This mod is SMAPI compatible! Check out our SMAPI modding guide!
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