Stardew Valley Big Slime  Big Slime



Big Slimes are rare monsters that can be found in The Mines, Skull Cavern, or Secret Woods. They can take the color of any other any slime and give more EXP than their normal counterparts.



Color HP Damage Def Speed EXP
Green 60 6 0 2 7
Blue 120 5 0 2 14
Red 180 10 0 2 21
Purple 240 15 0 2 21



Big Slimes have all the same attacks as normal Slimes. Although, when killed, they will split into 2-5 smaller slimes. These can be tough to take out, especially the purple slimes. Remember to use your weapon to block their attacks, or even avoid them if you don’t have a good weapon.


Drop Table

Item Rarity Base Sell Price
Stardew Valley Slime 48 Slime (99%) 5g
 Stardew Valley Slime 48 Slime

(double drop) 

(90%)  5g 
 Stardew Valley Slime 48 Slime

(triple drop) 

(40%)  5g 
 Dwarf Scroll IV Dwarf Scroll IV  (0.1%)   1g
Stardew Valley Black Slime Black
 Neptunite Neptunite (5%)   400g
Bixite  Bixite  (5%)   300g
Stardew Valley Yellow Slime Yellow
Gold Ore  Gold Ore  Unknown  25g
Stardew Valley Red Slime Red
Copper Ore  Copper Ore  Unknown  5g
Stardew Valley Purple Slime Purple
Iridium Ore  Iridium Ore  (25%)  100g
Iron Ore  Iron Ore  Unknown  10g
 stardew valley Diamond Diamond (12.5%)  750g
Stone  Stone Unknown  2g
Bottom of The Mines Reached
stardew valley Diamond Diamond (0.4%) 750g
Prismatic Shard Prismatic Shard (0.4%) 2,000g


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