Bouquet 100  Bouquet



The Bouquet is a special gift that can be given to marriage candidates that you have gained an 8-heart friendship with. When given it indicates a wanting for a deeper relationship which has the potential to develop into a romance. The Bouquet can be purchased from Pierre’s General Store for 200g after you have a friend who has 8 hearts.

After giving the Bouquet to a person, displayed under their name in the friendship tab is the (Boyfriend) or (Girlfriend) tag depending on their gender. Giving the Bouquet unfreezes the friendship level with each recipient, allowing it to decrease again, as well as increase. you will lose ten friendship points each day that you do not talk to them. Bouquets can be given multiple times to any marriage candidate and do not count toward the gift limit, making it possible to reach 10 hearts in one day. It may require as many as 20 bouquets to reach 10 hearts from 8 hearts.

Giving a Bouquet to multiple marriage candidates (having multiple boyfriends or girlfriends) does not damage your relationship with anyone else you have given one to. However giving a Bouquet while you are engaged will result in a 2 heart loss with your marriage or engaged partner.

The selling price is 100g.

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