Stardew Valley Calendar   Calendar


The Calendar is a piece of Furniture. You can hang it on any wall, and right-click to show important dates (view section below for more details). A Calendar can also be found outside of Pierre’s General Store, near the Help Wanted board. It is possible to purchase it from the following:

Carpenter’s Shop for 2,000g.

Furniture Catalogue for free.


Important Dates

4Kent’s Birthday
7Lewis’ Birthday
10Vincent’s Birthday
13Egg Festival
14Haley’s Birthday
15-18Salmonberry Season
18Pam’s Birthday
20Shane’s Birthday
24Flower Dance
26Pierre’s Birthday
27Emily’s Birthday


4Jas’ Birthday
8Gus’ Birthday
10Maru’s Birthday
13Alex’s Birthday
17Sam’s Birthday
19Demetrius’ Birthday
22Dwarf’s Birthday
24Willy’s Birthday
28Dance of the Moonlight Jellies


2Penny’s Birthday
5Elliott’s Birthday
8-11Blackberry Season
11Jodi’s Birthday
13Abigail’s Birthday
15Sandy’s Birthday
16Stardew Valley Fair
18Marnie’s Birthday
21Robin’s Birthday
24George’s Birthday
27Spirit’s Eve


1Krobus’ Birthday
3Linus’ Birthday
7Caroline’s Birthday
8Festival of Ice
10Sebastian’s Birthday
14Harvey’s Birthday
17Wizard’s Birthday
20Evelyn’s Birthday
23Leah’s Birthday
25Feast of the Winter Star
26Clint’s Birthday
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