Stardew Valley CATFISH 100  Catfish


The Catfish is a Fish that can be caught in the river, the forest pond, and in the Witch’s Swamp during Spring and Fall, only during rainy weather. During Summer it can be caught only in The Secret Woods. In Spring, Fall and Winter it can be picked out of Garbage Cans. The Catfish can be caught at any time, no matter the location or season.

Consuming the Catfish will restore 22-40 health and 50-90 energy depending on the quality.

The sell price depends on the quality of the item. Refer to the table below.

Stardew Valley Catfish 4824px Silver Quality Icon24px Gold Quality Icon

(250g with Fisher Profession, 300g with Angler Profession)


(312g with Fisher Profession, 375g with Angler Profession)


(375g with Fisher Profession, 450g with Angler Profession)



It is used in the River Fish Bundle in the Fish Tank.



  • “Any Fish” Recipes



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