stardew valley cave fly  Cave Fly


The Cave Fly is a monster found in the early floors of The Mines. Cave Flies appear after a Grub hatches from its cocoon phase. There is a Monster Eradication Goal of killing 125 Cave Insects for the Adventurer’s Guild, any Cave Fly kills will count towards this.



The Mines (Floors 1-29)2261210



Cave Flies are extremely fast. Once the cocoon hatches, it will start flying towards you, even through walls. On contact they will damage you, and then repeat this process until they are killed. Your best bet is to stand still and time your sword swings as they fly towards you, a weapon with knockback is recommended. Entering an area with green mist will start a swarm event, be warned that these can very easily overpower you if you are underleveled!


Drop Table

ItemRarityBase Sell Price
Stardew Valley Bug Meat 48Bug Meat(90%)8g
 stardew valley White AlgaeWhite Algae(2%)25g
Ancient SeedAncient Seed(0.5%)5g
Dwarf Scroll IDwarf Scroll I(0.5%)1g
Dwarf Scroll IVDwarf Scroll IV(0.1%)1g
Bottom of The Mines Reached
stardew valley DiamondDiamond(0.4%)750g
Prismatic ShardPrismatic Shard(0.4%)2,000g


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