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The Chest is a craftable item used for storing your items. Chests have enough space for 36 different items, with the ability to store up to 999 of each. You are able to place chests almost anywhere in the game, however, if a villager’s path is blocked by your chest, it will be destroyed (items included). See the pathing section below for an overview of safe places to keep your chests.

If you’d like to organize your chests by color, you can click the color bar above the inventory when a chest is opened. There are 20 available colors to choose, and are completely free to change at any time.



Stardew Valley Chest50 WoodUnlocked Automatically



Chests can be extremely useful for storing a villager’s favorite gifts, or supplies needed for certain activities such as fishing or mining. However, if your chest is in the path of a villager it will be destroyed. In the following images, any place you see an item, is a safe area to place your chest.

TownTown #2MountainsBeachBus StopCindersap Forest
Stardew Valley North town villager pathing
Stardew Valley South town villager pathing
Stardew Valley Mountain villager pathing
Stardew Valley Beach villager pathing
Stardew Valley Bus Stop Pathing
Stardew Valley Forest Pathing

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