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Popular Mods

  • DCBurger's Hi-Res Portraits Mod DCBurger’s Hi-Res Portraits Mod This brilliant portrait mod takes it a step further and bumps up to Hi-Res! It will replace every portrait in the game with the author's unique art style. The only thing to be wary of is that it may look ... 15 views
  • Haley Vampire Revamp Mod Haley Vampire Revamp Mod Want to spice up your game for Halloween, or just for fun? Try this mod that  completely overhauls Haley and turns her into a vampire! Included in the mod are a complete set of portraits to give her that vampire ... 15 views
  • Kal's Marriage Candidates Portraits Mod Kal’s Marriage Candidates Portraits Mod Add this unique art style to all the bachelor portraits in your game! The creator has done a great job of designing some beautiful portraits with an interesting take on each of the available characters. As the name implies, these ... 14 views

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