Stardew Valley Copper Bar   Copper Bar


The Copper Bar is a resource. It can be smelted in your furnace by using 5 Copper Ore and 1 Coal (as fuel). This process will take 30 minutes of in-game time.

The selling price is 60g, or 90g with the Blacksmith Profession.



Used in the Blacksmith’s Bundle in the Boiler Room.

Building Ingredients Size
Silo 100g

100 Stone

10 Clay

5 Copper Bar

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Item Ingredients Recipe
Cheese Press 1 Copper Bar

10 Hardwood

45 Stone

45 Wood

Unlocks at Farming level 6
Crab Pot 2 Copper Bar

25 Wood

Unlocks at Fishing level 3
Keg 1 Copper Bar

1 Iron Bar

1 Oak Resin

30 Wood

Unlocks at Farming level 8
Mayonnaise Machine 1 Copper Bar

1 Earth Crystal

15 Stone

15 Wood

Unlocks at Farming level 8
Sprinkler 1 Copper Bar

1 Iron Bar

Unlocks at Farming level 2
Sturdy Ring 10 Copper Bar

10 Earth Crystal

5 Refined Quartz

Unlocks at Combat level 1
Tapper 2 Copper Bar

40 Wood

Unlocks at Foraging level 3
Transmute (Fe) 3 Copper Bar Unlocks at Mining level 4
Trap Bobber 1 Copper Bar

10 Sap

Unlocks at Fishing level 6

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