Stardew Valley Crimsonfish 100  Crimsonfish



The Crimsonfish is a fish that can only be caught during the Summer. To catch it, you’ll need to be standing on the far eastern pier beyond the small bridge on the Beach. Fishing anywhere else will not give you a chance to catch the Crimsonfish.

The Crimsonfish is one of the five Legendary Fish which can only be caught once per character.

Consuming the Crimsonfish will restore 17-30 health and 38-68 energy depending on the quality.

The sell price depends on the quality of the item. Refer to the table below.


Stardew Valley Crimsonfish 48 24px Silver Quality Icon 24px Gold Quality Icon

(1,875g with Fisher Profession, 2,250g with Angler Profession)


(2,343g with Fisher Profession, 2,812g with Angler Profession)


(2,812g with Fisher Profession, 3,375g with Angler Profession)



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