Stardew Valley Crystalarium   Crystalarium


The Crystalarium is a craftable item used to duplicate Minerals and Gems, with the exception of Prismatic Shards. Insert the mineral or gem you wish to duplicate, and the process will begin. Each mineral or gem takes a different amount of time to duplicate, see duplication chart below. Note that once you insert an item, you can no longer remove it.

Apart from crafting, a Crystalarium can also be obtained as a reward from donating 50 items to the Museum, or by completing the 25,000 Bundle in the Vault.



Stardew Valley Crystalarium99 Stone

5 Gold Bar

2 Iridium Bar

1 Battery Pack

Unlocks at Mining level 9



Gem / MineralBase PriceProcess TimeAvg. Gold/Day
Emerald250g2d 2h120g
Aquamarine180g1d 13h 20m115.7g
Ruby250g2d 2h120g
Amethyst100g22h 40m105.9g
Topaz80g18h 40m102.9g
Jade200g1d 16h120g
Fire Quartz100g21h 40m110.8g
Frozen Tear75g18h 40m96.4g
Earth Crystal50g13h 20m90g
Tigerseye275g3d 11h 20m79.2g
Opal150g3d 11h 20m43.2g
Fire Opal350g3d 11h 20m100.8g
Alamite150g3d 11h 20m100.8g
Bixite300g3d 11h 20m86.4g
Baryte50g3d 11h 20m14.4g
Aerinite125g3d 11h 20m36g
Calcite75g3d 11h 20m21.6g
Dolomite300g3d 11h 20m86.4g
Esperite100g3d 11h 20m28.8g
Fluorapatite200g3d 11h 20m57.6g
Geminite150g3d 11h 20m43.2g
Helvite450g3d 11h 20m129.6g
Jamborite150g3d 11h 20m43.2g
Jagoite115g3d 11h 20m33.1g
Kyanite250g3d 11h 20m72g
Lunarite200g3d 11h 20m57.6g
Malachite100g3d 11h 20m28.8g
Neptunite400g3d 11h 20m115.2g
Lemon Stone200g3d 11h 20m57.6g
Nekoite80g3d 11h 20m23g
Orpiment80g3d 11h 20m23g
Petrified Slime120g3d 11h 20m34.6g
Thunder Egg100g3d 11h 20m28.8g
Pyrite120g3d 11h 20m34.6g
Ocean Stone220g3d 11h 20m63.4g
Ghost Crystal200g3d 11h 20m57.6g
Jasper150g3d 11h 20m43.2g
Celestine125g3d 11h 20m36g
Marble110g3d 11h 20m31.7g
Sandstone60g3d 11h 20m17.3g
Granite75g3d 11h 20m21.6g
Basalt175g3d 11h 20m50.4g
Limestone15g3d 11h 20m4.3g
Soapstone120g3d 11h 20m34.6g
Hematite150g3d 11h 20m43.2g
Mudstone25g3d 11h 20m7.2g
Obsidian200g3d 11h 20m57.6g
Slate85g3d 11h 20m24.5g
Fairy Stone250g3d 11h 20m72g
Star Shards500g3d 11h 20m144g


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