Daily Tasks Report Mod

Find yourself forgetting about your daily tasks as a farmer when you’re out and about exploring Stardew Valley? This mod will show you a detailed report about the daily tasks you should complete each day! You can press the ‘Y’ key to open open the list, which will display the following:

  • Unwatered crops (in the farm and greenhouse)
  • Crops ready to harvest (in the farm and greenhouse)
  • Dead crops
  • If you did not pet your pet
  • If you did not fill your pet’s bowl
  • Animals that were not petted
  • Animals products ready to collect (milk, goat milk and wool for now)
  • Empty hay spots on feedings benches
  • If there are fruits/mushrooms to be collected in your farm cave.
  • Crab pots ready to be collected
  • Crab pots that were not baited
  • Machines ready to collect
Stardew Valley Daily Tasks Report Mod

Your list will also provide you with details about each specific item. You’ll be able to use the arrow keys to navigate these pages.






Created by Yesst
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This mod is SMAPI compatible! Check out our SMAPI modding guide!
There are no additional requirements for this mod.

The creator also provides a config file that you can edit to add or remove pretty much any item you’d like to be featured or removed from the list.

– OpenReportKey: the key to open the report (any from this page, including controller) (default: Y)
– ShowDetailedInfo: If you want to see a detailed report of each section

Things to report:
– UnwateredCrops: Adds unwatered crops to the report
– UnharvestedCrops: Adds crops ready to harvest to the report
– DeadCrops: Adds dead crops to the report
– UnpettedPet: Adds if you did not pet your pet (cat/dog)
– UnfilledPetBowl: Adds if you did not fill your pet’s bowl
– UnpettedAnimals: Adds farm animals that were not petted
– AnimalProducts: Adds the selected animal products below ready to collect the report
* Cow milk
* Goat milk
* Sheep wool
– MissingHay: Adds unfilled hay spots on the animal houses to the report
– FarmCave: Adds mushrooms/fruits in your farm cave that are ready to collect
– UncollectedCrabpots: Adds uncollected Crabpots to the report
– NotBaitedCrabpots: Adds Crabpots that were not baited
– Machines: Adds the selected machines that are ready to collect to the report
* Bee House
* Charcoal Kiln
* Cheese Press
* Crystalarium
* Furnace
* Keg
* Lightning Rod
* Loom
* Mayonnaise Machine
* Oil Maker
* Preserves Jar
* Recycling Machine
* Seed Maker
* Slime Egg-Press
* Soda Machine
* Statue Of Endless Fortune
* Statue Of Perfection
* Tapper
* Worm Bin

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