Dinosaur Egg 2 Dinosaur Egg


You can find a Dinosaur Egg by digging up artifact spots in The Mountains, or from fishing treasure chests. If you place the Dinosaur Egg in an incubator inside your coop, a dinosaur will hatch in 12 days (or 6 days with Coopmaster Profession). The dinosaur will start to produce more eggs for you.

The sell price depends on the quality of the item. Refer to the table below.

Dinosaur Egg 1 

24px Silver Quality Icon


24px Gold Quality Icon


24px Iridium Quality Icon 2

350g 437g 525g 700g



You can donate this item to the Museum to increase your total amount of donations.

Dinosaur Eggs can be used to produce gold-quality Mayonnaise using your Mayonnaise Machine. This will take 3 hours, and the base product sells for 285g.

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