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Stardew Valley Dwarvish Translation Guide 100  Dwarvish Translation Guide


The Dwarvish Translation Guide is a special item unlocked by donating all 4 Dwarf Scrolls to the Museum. After obtaining the Dwarvish Translation Guide it will appear in your Wallet in the menu on the Skills tab.

The Dwarvish Translation Guide unlocks the ability to speak with the Dwarf in The Mines.



Item Location
Dwarf Scroll I
  • Mines level 1+
  • Green Slime (Secret Woods)
Dwarf Scroll II
  • Frost Bat (Mines floors 40-65)
  • Dust Sprite (Mines floors 40-79)
  • Blue Slime (Mines or Secret Woods)
Dwarf Scroll III
  • Mines level 40+
  • Frost Bat (Mines floors 40-65)
  • Lava Bat (Mines floor 81+)
  • Blue Slime (Mines or Secret Woods)
  • Skull Cavern
Dwarf Scroll IV
  • Mines level 1+
  • Using hoe on dirt (Mines floors 81+)

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