How to Edit SMAPI Mod Config Files

Not only is SMAPI a fantastic program to easily add mods, but mods designed around SMAPI almost always contain editable configuration files that will let you even further customize most available mods! This requires an extremely small knowledge of basic programming, but we’ll teach you all you need to know right here!


Text Editor

Before we start, you’re going to need to download and install a text editor of your choice. Everything we will be editing in these .json files is very beginner-friendly and does not require much programming knowledge. Because of this, I recommend Notepad++ (click to download!) as it is very basic and allows us to do everything that we need. Feel free to use any other editor of your choice, though!


Editing Your Files

In order to make the .json files appear within your SMAPI Mods folder, you’ll need to make sure to run the game at least once after the mod has been added. Once done, open the specific mod’s folder that you’d like to edit and you should now see a config (it is usually named config, but if not, just look for the .json file!). Right click it and choose ‘Edit with Notepad++‘ or whichever text editor you chose to use.

From here a new window will appear with the options you are able to edit within the mod. For example, here’s the .json file for the Animal Friendship Labels Mod.

Config File Editing


In this specific mod, I can change the text that is displayed on the tooltip by changing what is inside the quotes, like so:


Config File Editing 2


Now instead of being displayed as “Is Loved” or “Needs Loved” it will be displayed as “Is Happy” or “Is Angry” in my game!

Almost all of the editing you’ll do in these files is as simple as this! However some mods may be slightly more complex, it all depends on what the author allows you to edit. Other common edits include changing keybinds or changing true and false statements. Check below for examples of each of these.


Editing Keybinds & True/False Statements

For these example we will be looking at a few lines from the config file of the Tractor Mod, check it out.

Config File Editing 3

Let’s look at this line:

"TractorKey": "B",

This means the key to use the tractor is B. If we want to remap this to the F button, we can simply swap it to:

"TractorKey": "F",

Now for true and false statements, check out this line:

"AxeCutsFruitTrees": false,

This means that while holding your axe on the tractor, you will not be able to cut fruit trees with it. If you want to be able to do this, change the statement to true, like so:

"AxeCutsFruitTrees": true,


Always make sure to save and close your text editor and to relaunch your game once you’ve made your changes!


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