Get more out of all of your items in Stardew Valley with the Equivalent Exchange Mod! This mod will allow you to generate items with money, or turn them into money! Let’s learn a bit more about how this works.

Stardew Valley Equivalent Exchange Mod

There are four different keybinds you’ll need to know. Trasmute is the ‘T’ key, Liquidate is the ‘Y’ key, Normalize is the ‘N’ key, and Information is the ‘H’ key.

  • Transmuting an item will generate more of whatever you’re holding in exchange for some of your money
  • Liquidating an item will turn whatever you’re holding into money
  • Normalizing will turn items of different qualities into ‘normal’ quality, liquidating any remainders
Stardew Valley Equivalent Exchange Mod 2

The information key will display a screen that allows you to view some details about alchemizing an item.

  • Make – the cost of making the item
  • Melt – the amount of money you get for liquidating an item
  • Luck – percentage chance the transmute will not take any stamina
  • Stam – the cost of stamina if you’re not lucky
  • Fail – percentage chance of failure
  • HP – the cost of your HP if you fail






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