All you need to know about our site!

What is this site?

This is a fansite for the popular videogame Stardew Valley. It is developed and maintained by a small group of individuals who are very passionate about the game. We work our hardest to bring you the best tools, guides and mods for the game while creating a friendly and diverse community.

Are you affiliated with Chucklefish or ConcernedApe?

No. We have no affiliation with the developers or publishers of Stardew Valley.

I’m a mod creator. Do I get any benefits?

Yes! We appreciate the hard work you put into bettering our community and believe you deserve something for your efforts. Visit our Contact page and send us a message.

Current benefits are as listed below:

  • We credit you for anything you’ve created. You may choose a link to be featured on any of your mod(s) pages. PayPal or Patreon buttons will be an option as well!
  • More features are planned for the future… we have many ideas to help you earn money for creating mods! We just need some time to set them up 🙂

Can my YouTube video or Twitch stream be featured on the site?


For YouTube videos, visit our Contact page and send us a message.

For Twitch, our showcase will rotate through all streamers that are online and are streaming under the Stardew Valley game directory.

How can I install mods for Stardew Valley?

We have an on-site guide for SMAPI Mods located here, and a guide for XNB Mods here!

There are a few different methods to installing mods depending on their compatibility. SMAPI-compatible mods can simply be moved into your Mods folder once SMAPI is installed. Other mods, referred to as “xnb” because of their file extension, will need to be placed directly into your Stardew Valley files.

How can I customize SMAPI mods?

We have an on-site guide located here! You will learn to easily edit and customize most SMAPI-compatible mods in approx. 10 minutes with no programming knowledge necessary.

Popular Mods

  • Stardew Valley Save Editor Stardew Valley Save Editor Is it taking too much time to create your dream farm? This incredibly useful save editor tool will allow you to edit: the map of your farm, add & edit...
  • Tractor Mod Tractor Mod This handy mod will help you more effectively clean up and manage your farm with the use of, you guessed it, a tractor! To get it, you'll need to purc...
  • CJB Item Spawner Mod CJB Item Spawner Mod Ever wish you could have any item from the game at any time? Now you can! With a simple press of your 'i' key you will open up a neat menu that contai...

Popular Items (Today)

  • Cave Carrot Cave Carrot Cave Carrot is a Crop item that is found by foraging. A quick way to obtain lots of Cave Carrots is by digging patches of dirt with your Hoe in floors...
  • Rare Disc Rare Disc The Rare Disc is an artifact that can be found by digging up artifact spots in The Mines. You can also receive it as a drop from monsters, or in fishi...
  • Maki Roll Maki Roll Maki Roll is a Food item. To prepare it, you will need to use the kitchen in an upgraded Farmhouse. Maki Roll heals 45 health and 100 energy.