Add some flair to your ride with the Flame Horses Mod! This mod offers five different colors of flaming horses that you can ride around Pelican Town. Each horse is beautifully animated, their manes and tails are made of flames that will trail behind them as you ride. Here’s a look at the different colors you get to choose from!

Stardew Valley Flame Horses Mod Stardew Valley Flame Horses Mod 2

In combination with the Horsefriendly Town Mod, you’ll be able to ride these incredible horses all throughout your game with ease!


Download Mod - Version 1 Download Mod - Version 2 Download Mod - Version 3 Download Mod - Version 4

Download Mod - Version 5




Created by CreepyKat
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This mod is an XNB file! Check out our XNB modding guide!
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