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Geodes can be found by breaking rocks in the Mines (floors 1-39), in Fishing Treasure Chests, or as a drop from Duggies. It is also possible to be gifted one during the Feast of the Winter Star. They contain many different minerals, ores, resources, and artifacts. They must be broken open at the Blacksmith.

The selling price is 50g.



Foraged Minerals

Image Mineral Sell Price
Earth Crystal2 Earth Crystal 50g


Geode Minerals

Image Mineral Sell Price
Alamite Alamite 150g
 Calcite Calcite 75g
Celestine Celestine 125g
Granite Granite 75g
Jagoite Jagoite 115g
Jamborite Jamborite 150g
Limestone Limestone 15g
Malachite Malachite 100g
Mudstone Mudstone 25g
Nekoite Nekoite 80g
Orpiment Orpiment 80g
Petrified Slime Petrified Slime 120g
Sandstone Sandstone 60g
Slate Slate 85g
Thunder Egg Thunder Egg 100g



Image Resource Sell Price
Stone Stone 2g
Clay Clay 20g
Coal Coal 15g
Copper Ore Copper Ore 5g
Iron Ore Iron Ore 10g



Image Artifact Sell Price
Dwarvish Helm Dwarvish Helm 100g




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