Want to easily change your appearance at any time in the game? You’ve found the right mod! Now you won’t need to waste time becoming friends with Wizard Rasmodius or hand him your hard-earned 500g to re-open the character creation menu. There are also over one hundred new accessories and customizations you can make to your farmer!

Stardew Valley Get Dressed Mod

Once installed, the mod will add a vanity to the corner of the bedroom in your farmhouse. Simply right click the vanity to open up the character customization menu where you can change everything from your skin, hair, shirt, accessory, eye color, and pants color. You also have the option to change face type, nose type, bottoms, and shoes. There are 109 new accessories added as well. Keep in mind this mod is very female character oriented, but it does include some male options! Don’t worry, all original game options are still available.

Stardew Valley Get Dressed Mod





Created by jinxiewinxie, Advize, Pathoschild
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This mod is SMAPI compatible! Check out our SMAPI modding guide!

There are some config files that you can optionally edit as well! If you wish to remove the vanity at any time, you can change the "showDresser": true, to "showDresser": false. Similarly, if you’re using a mod that puts a stove in the same corner the vanity would appear, you need to change "stoveInCorner" to true, which will move the vanity a few tiles to the left so you can have complete access to both. For help on changing config files, click here!
There are no additional requirements for this mod.

All donations go directly to the creators.

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