stardew valley ghost  Ghost


Ghosts are monsters found in the mid-late floors of The Mines.



Location HP Damage Def Speed EXP
The Mines (Floors 51-90) 96 10 3 4 15



Ghosts float around the floor with the ability to pass through walls and any other area in The Mines. Once they hit you, they will teleport away. The best way to deal with them is to avoid moving when you see one coming towards you, swing your weapon right before it hits you to avoid taking damage and letting the Ghost teleport away. A weapon with knockback would help greatly.


Drop Table

Item Rarity Base Sell Price
Stardew Valley Solar Essence 48 Solar Essence (95%) 40g
 Stardew Valley Solar Essence 48 Solar Essence (double drop) (10%) 40g
Stardew Valley Ghostfish 48 Ghostfish (8%) 45g
stardew valley Refined Quartz Refined Quartz (8%) 50g
Gold Ore Gold Ore Unknown 25g
 Dwarf Scroll II Dwarf Scroll II (0.5%) 1g
Dwarf Scroll IV Dwarf Scroll IV (0.1%) 1g
Bottom of The Mines Reached
stardew valley Diamond Diamond (0.4%) 750g
Prismatic Shard Prismatic Shard (0.4%) 2,000g


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