Goat Cheese 100  Goat Cheese



Goat Cheese is a Food item made from putting Goat Milk into a Cheese Press, the process will take 3.3 hours.

Goat Cheese heals between 56-146 health and 125-325 energy, depending on the item quality.

Goat Cheese value can be raised by placing it in an aging Cask, which will raise its quality up to Iridium over the course of 14 days.


Goat Cheese 48  

24px Silver Quality Icon


24px Gold Quality Icon


24px Iridium Quality Icon 2


(450g with Rancher Profession    525g with Artisan Profession)


(562g with Rancher Profession      656g with Artisan Profession)


(65g with Rancher Profession      787g with Artisan Profession)


(900g with Rancher Profession1050g with Artisan Profession)



Used in the Artisan Bundle in the Pantry.


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