stardew valley Grandpa

Grandpa is a non-giftable character who you are first introduced to at the very start of the game. At the far northwest corner of the Farm, you will find Grandpa’s Shrine. Located here is a note, which states that he will return in the Spring of Year 3 to evaluate your progress.



When Grandpa evaluates your Farm, you will receive a certain score which relates to amount of candles lit around his shrine. Your score is determined by the progress you’ve made in your first two years. Don’t worry, you can always place a Diamond onto the shrine to have your farm re-evaluated at any time!

Your score is broken down into the following categories.

Total Gold Earned
Total Points: 7


30 Skill Levels1
50 Skill Levels1
Total Points: 2


A Complete Collection1
Master Angler1
Full Shipment1
Total Points: 3


Married with a fully upgraded house1
Friendship of 8 hearts with at least 5 villagers1
Friendship of 8 hearts with at least 10 villagers1
Friendship of 4 hearts with your pet1
Total Points: 4


Misc. Tasks
Complete the Community Center1
Community Center completion ceremony finished2
Skull Key obtained1
Rusty Key obtained1
Total Points: 5


If you manage to obtain a score of at least 12, you will be rewarded with the Statue of Perfection. You’ll need to interact with the Shrine to obtain it after the four candles have been lit.

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