Greenhorn Achievement Guide

Stardew Valley Greenhorn Achievement Banner

Time to get farming! This achievement requires you to earn 15,000g. Gold for this achievement is cumulative, meaning you do not have to have 15,000g at once. Rather, you only need to have earned a total of 15,000g. While this should come naturally over the course of playing, I will give you some tips to making money early on in your game.


The best thing you can do to start earning money on your newly found farm is to.. well,  farm! The crops you can choose to plant are limited by season, and each season lasts 28 days. Here’s a list of the most profitable crops by season, plan accordingly!

  • Spring: Cauliflower, Kale, Potatoes
  • Summer: Blueberries
  • Fall: Cranberries
  • Winter: No crops can be grown in the winter

Once you’ve achieved level 1 in your Farming skill, remember to use fertilizer to have a higher chance of producing higher quality crops. It may also be a smart move to place a few scarecrows around your crops to avoid losing money from crows.


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