stardew valley grub  Grub


The Grub is a monster found in the early floors of The Mines. There is a Monster Eradication Goal of killing 125 Cave Insects for the Adventurer’s Guild, any Grub kills will count towards this.



Location HP Damage Def Speed EXP
The Mines (Floors 11-29) 20 4 0 1 2



Grubs will rush towards you in groups once you’re in their sight. It is crucial to kill off Grubs quickly once you start attacking them, as once their health drops below a certain point they will run away and start to form a cocoon. Once they’ve started this process, they will turn blue and become invulnerable, eventually emerging as a Cave Fly. When fighting multiple Grubs, it’s a good idea to try to pin them against a wall so they cannot run off. A weapon with knockback would help greatly.


Drop Table

Item Rarity Base Sell Price
Stardew Valley Bug Meat 48 Bug Meat (60%) 8g
 stardew valley White Algae White Algae (2%) 25g
Ancient Seed Ancient Seed (0.5%) 5g
Dwarf Scroll I Dwarf Scroll I (0.5%) 1g
Dwarf Scroll IV Dwarf Scroll IV (0.1%) 1g
Bottom of The Mines Reached
stardew valley Diamond Diamond (0.4%) 750g
Prismatic Shard Prismatic Shard (0.4%) 2,000g


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