Prairie King Mod – Easy Achievement!

Having a tough time with the Fector’s Challenge achievement? It is undoubtedly one of, if not the most difficult in the game. Here’s a mod that will help make it a breeze! Note that you cannot do this on the console version of the game.

Journey Of The Prairie King – are you ready?


This mod is SMAPI compatible! Check out our SMAPI modding guide!

Editing the File

Once you’ve installed the mod (don’t know how? look here!) and ran it for the first time, a config.json file will be generated in the mod’s folder. Open it up with a text editor like Notepad++ and you’ll see the following:

“alwaysInvincible”: false,
“infiniteCoins”: false,
“infiniteLives”: false,
“rapidFire”: false

These are pretty self-explanatory, all you’ll need to do to enable them is change the “false” to “true”, easy as that! If you’re having trouble figuring this out, consider checking out our config file editing guide.

Goodluck on your achievement run, although you shouldn’t need much luck anymore!

Created by: Mucchan & Pathoschild

Protector Of The Valley Achievement Guide

Grab your best weapon and head on down to the mines to start slaying some baddies! For this achievement you are required to complete all seven of the Adventurer’s Guild Monster Eradication Goals.

In order to start, you’ll first need to reach floor 5 of the mines to receive a letter in your mailbox from Marlon which tells you to kill 10 slimes. These can be any kind of slime in the game, and they can be found on any floor of the mines, The Secret Woods, or Skull Cavern.

Once complete, you’ll be granted access to the Adventurer’s Guild found just east of The Mines. To the right of Marlon’s desk is a list hanging on the wall that will track your progress for all required monsters. After each goal is completed you will receive a reward from Gil. Once all Eradication Goals are completed your achievement will pop! Below you can find a detailed list of the information for each goal.


Amount: 1,000
Location: All floors of The Mines, The Secret Woods, Skull Cavern
Reward: Slime Charmer Ring – Prevents damage from slimes

Void Spirits (Shadow Shaman or Shadow Brute)

Amount: 150
Location: Floors 81-119 of The Mines
Reward: Savage Ring – Gain a short speed boost whenever you slay a monster


Amount: 200
Location: Floors 31-119 of The Mines, Skull Cavern
Reward: Vampire Ring – Gain a little health everytime you slay a monster


Amount: 50
Location: Floors 70-79 of The Mines
Reward: Skeleton Mask – Cosmetic item

Cave Insects (Bug, Cave Fly, Grub, Mutant Fly)

Amount: 125
Location: Floors 1-29 of The Mines
Reward: Insect Head – Cosmetic item


Amount: 30
Location: Floors 6-29 of The Mines
Reward: Hard Hat – Cosmetic item

Dust Sprites

Amount: 500
Location: Floors 40-79 of The Mines
Reward: Burglar’s Ring – Monsters have a greater chance of dropping loot

Note: If your inventory is full when taking a reward from Gil, you can still purchase it from Marlon afterwards.