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The Hoe is a tool. It is one of the starting tools you receive at the beginning of the game. It can be used to till soil in your farm, which allows you to plant seeds. It is also used to dig in soil or sand. When you dig you have a random chance to find different materials like Clay, metal ores, Snow Yams or Winter Root in the winter, Artifacts, and Lost Books. You can upgrade the hoe at the Blacksmith as you progress in the game.

The selling price is 0g.



Image Tool Purchase Ingredients Upgrades
Stardew Valley Hoe Hoe

Starting Item

None None

Stardew Valley Copper Hoe




Blacksmith2,000g 5 Copper Bars Increases range by 3 tiles in front of you

Steel Hoe



Blacksmith5,000g 5 Iron Bars Increases range by 5 tiles in front of you

Stardew Valley Gold Hoe



Blacksmith10,000g 5 Gold Bars Increase range to 3×3 tiles
Stardew Valley Iridium Hoe Iridium




Blacksmith25,000g 5 Iridium Bars Increase range to 6×6 tiles


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