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Honey is an Artisan Product that is made from the Bee House. Honey is created every 4 days in all seasons except Winter. On Fridays it can be purchased from The Oasis for 200g.

Honey is affected by the type of flowers that are nearby, and only fully grown flowers will have an affect. Multiple Bee Houses can get use from a single fully grown flower. 

Bee Houses will only produce Flower Honey if the Flowers are not harvested, otherwise the result will be Wild Honey.



Flowers not listed below do not affect Bee Houses.

Type of Honey Seasons Sell Price Sell Price (With Artisan Profession)
Wild Honey Spring, Summer, Fall 100g  140g 
Tulip Tulip Spring 160g  224g 
Blue Jazz Blue Jazz Spring 200g  280g 
Summer Spangle Summer Spangle Summer 280g  392g 
Poppy Poppy Summer 380g  532g 
Fairy Rose Fairy Rose Fall 680g  952g 



Flowers placed within the Range below will affect Bee Houses within that range. (4 blocks vertical, 5 blocks horizontal)

Bee House Range



Used in the Artisan Bundle in the Pantry.

Honey can be placed in a Keg to create Mead.

Warp Totem: Farm Items Needed Recipe
Warp Totem Farm 1 Hardwood

1 Honey

20 Fiber

Unlocks at level 8 Foraging

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