How to Join the Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Farm


The long awaited Stardew Valley multiplayer update has now officially opened its doors for beta testing! You are able to join in on the fun via Steam or LAN with up to three of your friends. Each player will be assigned a cabin, but you will all have access to the same farm so that you can work together. No access to voice chat? No problem. Stardew now has its very own chatbox loaded up with more than 200 game-specific emojis for you to use. It’s pretty incredible. Oh, and did I mention new single-player content will be available in the beta?


How to access the Beta

Follow these steps to activate beta access on your game.

  1. Login to your Steam account
  2. Find Stardew Valley in your Games Library, right click and select ‘Properties’
  3. Click the Betas tab
  4. Enter the code “jumpingjunimos” and click Check Code
  5. In the drop-down menu just above, choose the “beta – Help test new updates before they go live!” option
  6. Close the Properties tab and launch your game

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta Access

We strongly advise that you back up your game before using the beta. There may be unknown bugs that could damage your save file(s). You can view our guide to backing up your game here.


Hosting your game

Fortunately, you will not have to make a new save! You can host a co-op game on any of your current or older save files. However, before you can let your friends join, you will need to build them a place to live. Load up your game and head over to Robin, you will be able to purchase Cabins from her for the low price of 100g and 10 Stone. If you want to start a new save, you can choose the option to have Cabins pre-built into your game using the options on the left side of the creation menu.

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Cabins

With your world ready to go, head back to the main menu and navigate to the Host tab. You will be shown options that you can tweak to your liking, such as only allowing friends, making the game invite only, etc. If you have any questions regarding these options, please leave a comment!

Now onto inviting/joining your friends, you have a few options here.

  • Whenever a friend has a server running, it will appear on the ‘Join’ tab of the Co-op menu as long as it is public.
  • You can use the traditional Steam invite system by clicking beside your friend’s avatar and selecting ‘Invite to Game’ or ‘Join Game’.
  • If you have any troubles with those methods, you can use the previously mentioned Host tab to generate an invite code. Send this code to your friends, and they can enter it at the Co-op menu by choosing ‘Enter Invite Code’. You will need a new code each time the game is re-launched.


Quick F.A.Q

What is the maximum amount of players?

  • Four

Is it possible to pause the game?

  • Opening the menu no longer pauses the game, the host can use the command ‘/pause’ in the chatbox to pause the game globally (for all players).

It it possible to marry another player?

  • Absolutely! With a wedding ring selected, right click the player you’d like to marry.

Is progress shared between players?

  • Yes and no. Your Farm, Money, World Events (i.e. Community Center progress) are shared. Inventory, Skills, and NPC relationships are not shared

What about sleeping? Festivals?

  • To sleep, you must all enter a bed at the same time and click the ‘Yes’ dialogue option. To start festivals, all players must be at the starting area in order for the event to begin.


Having Trouble?

If you experience any issues either accessing the beta, or bugs within the game, you can directly email [email protected] to contact the devs.



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