Stardew Valley Iron Bar   Iron Bar


The Iron Bar is a resource. It can be smelted in your furnace by using 5 Iron Ore and 1 Coal (as fuel). This process will take 2 hours of in-game time. You can also create them by crafting one out of 3 Copper Bars using the Transmute (Fe) recipe.

The selling price is 120g, or 180g with the Blacksmith Profession.



Used in the Blacksmith’s Bundle in the Boiler Room.


100 Hardwood

5 Iron Bar

Stardew Valley Marker4x2



Warrior Ring10 Iron Bar

25 Coal

10 Frozen Tear

Unlocks at Combat level 4
Ring of Yoba5 Iron Bar

1 Diamond

5 Gold Bar

Unlocks at Combat level 7
Explosive Ammo1 Iron Bar

2 Coal

Unlocks at Combat level 8
Bee House1 Iron Bar

8 Coal

40 Wood

1 Maple Syrup

Unlocks at Farming level 3
Sprinkler1 Copper Bar

1 Iron Bar

Unlocks at Farming level 2
Iron Fence1 Iron BarUnlocks at Farming level 4
Quality Sprinkler1 Iron Bar

1 Gold Bar

1 Refined Quartz

Unlocks at Farming level 6
Keg1 Iron Bar

1 Copper Bar

30 Wood

1 Oak Resin

Unlocks at Farming level 8
Crab Pot3 Iron Bar

40 Wood

Unlocks at Fishing level 3
Recycling Machine1 Iron Bar

25 Stone

25 Wood

Unlocks at Fishing level 4
Spinner2 Iron BarUnlocks at Fishing level 6
Barbed Hook1 Iron Bar

1 Copper Bar

1 Gold Bar

Unlocks at Fishing level 8
Dressed Spinner2 Iron Bar

1 Cloth

Unlocks at Fishing level 8
Worm Bin1 Iron Bar

50 Fiber

1 Gold Bar

25 Hardwood

Unlocks at Fishing level 8
Magnet4 Iron BarUnlocks at Fishing level 9
Lightning Rod1 Iron Bar

1 Refined Quartz

5 Bat Wing

Unlocks at Foraging level 6
Warp Totem: Mountains1 Iron Bar

1 Hardwood

25 Stone

Unlocks at Foraging level 7
Transmute (Au)2 Iron BarUnlocks at Mining level 7
Iron Lamp-post1 Iron Bar

1 Battery Pack

Purchased from Robin for 1,000g
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