Stardew Valley Lava Crab  Lava Crab


The Lava Crab is a monster found in the late floors of The Mines.



Location HP Damage Def Speed EXP
The Mines (Floors 80-119) 120 15 3 3 12



Lava Crabs will disguise themselves as stones around the floor. Some good indicators of a stone actually being a Lava Crab are:

  • The rock has no visible shadows
  • Slightly overlapping rocks
  • Rocks on patches of dirt

While hiding inside its shell, the Lava Crab is invulnerable. To break the shell off, making it damageable, you must use your pickaxe or a bomb. Once the shell is broken, it will flee and you are free to attack it.


Drop Table

Item Rarity Base Sell Price
Stardew Valley Bomb Bomb (40%) 50g
 Crab Crab (25%) 100g
Dwarf Scroll III Dwarf Scroll III (0.5%) 1g
Dwarf Scroll IV Dwarf Scroll IV (0.1%) 1g
Bottom of The Mines Reached
stardew valley Diamond Diamond (0.4%) 750g
Prismatic Shard Prismatic Shard (0.4%) 2,000g


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