Do you enjoy leveling your skills in Stardew Valley but already achieved the max level? This mod will extend the maximum level from 10 to 100! Now you’ll be able to keep the progression going.

Stardew Valley Level Extender Mod

Some other features of the mod include a perk for fishing in which slows down degradation of the reeling bar after level 10. The mod is compatible with the Skill Prestige Mod, so you’ll still be able to unlock all perks! As your skills increase you’ll also notice many boosts, such as increased crop yield, for each respective skill.

Stardew Valley Level Extender Mod 2

Note that the Luck & Cooking skills appear on the interface, but do not yet go to level 100.





Created by unidarkshin
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This mod is SMAPI compatible! Check out our SMAPI modding guide!
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