The Luck skill in the vanilla version of Stardew Valley influences many different aspects of the game such as your chance of treasure while fishing, finding geodes, amount of wood dropped from trees, and much more.

Stardew Valley Luck Skill Mod

The problem is that the skill is very vague, you cannot level it up or even gain experience, however this mod makes that possible and more with the added improvement of professions!

You can choose between the following two skill trees:

  • Level 5: Better daily luck
  • Level 10: Great daily luck most of the time

  • Level 5: Quests are more likely to appear each day
  • Level 10: Nightly events occur twice

You can unlock all six professions with the Skill Prestige Mod!





Created by spacechase0
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This mod is SMAPI compatible! Check out our SMAPI modding guide!
In order for this mod to run properly, you will also need to download and install the SpaceCore Mod.
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