Make Friends FAST Mod

Not so good at making friends? This mod will help you out, big time! It will alter the ‘universally loved items’ (items which all characters love) to be some super easy-to-get gifts. Right from the start of your game, you can gift any character a Green Bean, Parsnip, or Blueberry and they will love it!

The only thing you’ll need to watch out for are items are characters hate; if any character hates Green Beans Parnsnips, or Blueberries, the mod may not overwrite this, resulting in a bad gift. Note that each character’s original ‘loved items’ have not been altered and will still work.

Stardew Valley Make Friends FAST Mod Stardew Valley Make Friends FAST Mod 2





Created by Kagurahime
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This mod is an XNB file! Check out our XNB modding guide!
There are no additional requirements for this mod.
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