Makeshift Multiplayer Mod

Before trying this mod, note that this is an early release and there will be bugs and crashes that occur! Festival functionality is mostly unknown, and other mods may not function properly.

Stardew Valley Makeshift Multiplayer Mod

This amazing mod will add a co-op type game-style to Stardew Valley! Almost everything will be shared, including your wallet. However, your inventory, skills, and houses are separate.

The mod will function like this:

  • Load your file like normal.
  • After choosing a character, a screen will show asking for you to choose between singleplayer, host, or client.
  • If you choose host, you need to give a port to listen on. After pressing ‘Listen’, wait for all of your players to connect, and press ‘Start’.
  • If you choose client, put in the IP address of the host and the port number they are using. Press ‘Connect’. You will go to a Loading screen until the host starts the game.
  • If you choose singleplayer, nothing changes aside from being able to open the chat menu.
  • Chat is accessed by pressing ENTER.
  • Everyone must sleep for the next day to be reached.





Created by spacechase0
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This mod is SMAPI compatible! Check out our SMAPI modding guide!
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