Mead 100  Mead



Mead is an Artisan Product made from putting Honey inside a Keg, this process will  take 10 hours. The type of Honey used to make Mead does not affect the outcome. Mead’s selling price is 200g and can only be changed by Aging it in a Cask.

Mead heals 33-87 health and 75-195 energy depending on the quality of the item. When consumed, Mead will make you Tipsy, decreasing your speed by 1 for 30s.



Mead, when placed in a Cask can age up to Iridium Star quality.

Mead 48 24px Silver Quality Icon 24px Gold Quality Icon 24px Iridium Quality Icon 2
200g (280g with Artisan profession) 250g (350g with Artisan profession) 300g (420g with Artisan profession) 400g (560g with Artisan profession)
Aged: None Aged: 7 days Aged: 14 days Aged: 28 days




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