Characters & Portraits

Stardew Valley Babies Take After Spouse & New Toddler Clothes
  There’s no doubt that Stardew Valley has taken inspiration from games like Harvest Moon. However, there’s a few things that aren’t quite the same. This mod takes after the Harvest Moon franchise and makes your children a little less...
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Babies Take After Spouse & New Toddler Clothes Mod
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Some of the characters in Stardew Valley are a bit rough around the edges. Even as you grow your friendships with them, they don’t always seem to act more friendly towards you. This mod will fix that! It includes lots...
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Nicer Villagers & Flirty Bachelors Mod
Stardew Valley Kal's Marriage Candidates Portraits Mod
Add this unique art style to all the bachelor portraits in your game! The creator has done a great job of designing some beautiful portraits with an interesting take on each of the available characters. As the name implies, these...
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Kal’s Marriage Candidates Portraits Mod
Stardew Valley Hot Pam Mod
Spice up your game with this set of portraits and sprites for Pam! This mod will give her a makeover into a hot trailer-mom. No new dialogue is included, however she does have a new animation included in the sprites!...
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Hot Pam Mod
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Need some more anime in your game? Check out these awesome anime-style portraits for your game! Unfortunately, while all bachelors are included, not all villagers have been remade.   Alternatively, another user has made some slightly different anime portraits, you...
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Anime Style Portaits Mod
Stardew Valley Marnie Romance Mod
The Marnie Romance Mod adds an incredible expansion to the lovely rancher Marnie. It adds not only new dialogue, but even new special events and allows Marnie to be married! As you get to know more about Marnie, you will...
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Marnie Romance Mod
Stardew Valley Female Wizard - Sprite & Portrait Mod
This mod will replace the vanilla wizard with a cute new female character! It tries to stay familiar to the real game by turning her into a witch. Fully included is a new sprite and new portrait, let’s take a...
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Female Wizard – Sprite & Portrait Mod
Stardew Valley A More Interesting Sam Mod
While some of the dialogue in the vanilla version of the game is quite charming and witty, some characters unfortunately fall a bit flat. Sam is one of those characters. This mod will not remove any dialogue from Sam, but...
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A More Interesting Sam Mod
Stardew Valley Character Portrait Overhauls Mod
Some of the original game portraits look kind of.. “meh”. This mod adds some more flair and touch-ups without straying too far away from the originals. Check ’em out! There are also some individual  customizations you can choose from for...
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Character Portrait Overhauls Mod
Stardew Valley Haley Vampire Revamp Mod
Want to spice up your game for Halloween, or just for fun? Try this mod that  completely overhauls Haley and turns her into a vampire! Included in the mod are a complete set of portraits to give her that vampire...
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Haley Vampire Revamp Mod
Stardew Valley Sebastian Dialogue Overhaul Mod
Need a change-up of dialogue for Sebastian? You’ve come to the right place! This mod will add roughly 100 new lines of dialogue. There is a new dialogue for every day of the week throughout one year and the various...
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Sebastian Dialogue Overhaul Mod
Stardew Valley Penny to Pryce Personality Overhaul Mod
This mod features a gender swap for the character Penny (now Pryce)! It includes 140 new and altered lines of dialogue before marriage, and 58 afterwards. Also, there is a brand new special event included once you reach seven hearts!...
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Penny to Pryce Personality Overhaul Mod
Stardew Valley Penny Relationship and Dialogue Overhaul Mod
This massive overhaul of Penny’s dialogue aims to have you talking to Penny more interactively. It includes over 200 new lines of dialogue pre-marriage, as well as 23 question dialogues. All of these question dialogues have unique responses immediately, but...
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Penny Relationship and Dialogue Overhaul Mod
Stardew Valley Over 75 New Dialogues For Shane Mod
Included in this mod are over 75 new dialogues with Shane! The author keeps it true to his character by not over-romanticizing him and matching the dialogue with his unique personality. In the mod, it will state that Shane begins...
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Over 75 New Dialogues For Shane Mod
Stardew Valley Miowee's Portraits Mod 2
Portrait mods are among some of my favorites as they add a big amount of diversity to your game. Miowee’s Portraits is a great example of a unique take on what these characters look like up-close and non-pixelated. Not all...
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Miowee’s Portraits Mod
Stardew Valley Vlad's Revamped Portraits Mod
Interested in some more realistic style portraits? You’ve come to the right place! The author has crafted portraits for the majority of the main characters and focuses on making them look real. Here’s a look at a few of them!...
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Vlad’s Revamped Portraits Mod
Stardew Valley Short-haired Sebastian Mod
Want a better looking Sebastian? This mod will remove half of his awkward side-bang-style hair. Unfortunately a portrait is not included, but you can find some great ones that look similar on the site! Here’s a look at the new...
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Short-haired Sebastian Mod
Stardew Valley Female Dialogue Changes Mod
Do you have the Stardew Valley Girl Mod installed? Then this mod is what you’ll want to go right along with it! It will change all the dialogue for the previously male characters into something for feminine. Together these mods...
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Female Dialogue Changes Mod
Stardew Valley Girl Mod
Ever wanted all of the Stardew Valley romantic characters to be female? You’ve come to the right place! With this very thorough mod all previously male characters (Alex, Elliot, Harvey, Sam and Sebastian) are now female! The portraits and sprites...
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Stardew Valley Girl Mod
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Anime fan? Who isn’t! These beautifully crafted portraits by Bunnihime will fulfill all your Stardew Valley anime needs. Every character portrait will be changed to this awesome anime style. Take a look!   Downloads   Related Content Farmhouse Basement Mod Rented...
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Variant Anime Portraits Mod
Stardew Valley No More Bowlegs Mod
The original character sprites are without a doubt some great looking sprites. That being said, they do have one glaring flaw, the bowlegs. Each character looks a bit strange with their legs sticking out to the sides pointing in different...
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No More Bowlegs Mod
Stardew Valley Einari's Portraits Mod
Einari has done an amazing job upgrading the vanilla portraits with a unique art style! Take a look for yourself.   Downloads   Related Content Bath House Hot Spring Mod JG LightSabers Mod All Professions Mod Stone Bridge Over Pond...
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Einari’s Portraits Mod
DCBurger's Hi-Res Portraits Mod
This brilliant portrait mod takes it a step further and bumps up to Hi-Res! It will replace every portrait in the game with the author’s unique art style. The only thing to be wary of is that it may look...
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DCBurger’s Hi-Res Portraits Mod
Portraiture Mod
This incredibly useful modding tool will allow you to add higher resolution portraits to your game, as well as switch between portrait mods easily ingame. You can press the P key to change portrait packs at any point when a...
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Portraiture Mod