Gift Taste Helper Mod

Tired of trying to guess a character’s favorite gift? It can be frustrating to keep throwing random items at them until they like something. This mod will automatically show you all character’s favorite gifts when you hover over them on the calendar or social page. Both the calendar at your home and the billboard in town will work for this.

Elliott’s favorite gifts!

Progression Mode

This mode, made available through changing the config files, will only show a character’s favorite gifts that you’ve already given them. You’re able to switch between this mode and the original seamlessly without losing any progress.

Other languages supported!


This mod is SMAPI compatible! Check out our SMAPI modding guide!


Once you’ve installed the mod and ran it for the first time, a config.json file will be generated in the mod’s folder. Open it up with a text editor (don’t know how? look here!) like Notepad++ and you’ll be able to edit the following:

  • Tooltip shows on calendar
  • Tooltip shows on social page
  • Enable or disable progression mode
  • Share known gifts between all saves
  • Hide tooltip when no gifts are known while on progression mode
  • Maximum number of gifts to display (0 means no limit)

Created by: tstaples



Starry Sky Interface Mod

This mod will replace the original user interface with a pastel blue and pink interface, with astrological and wing accents. The author has went out of their way to include an almost full package replacing all of the original interfaces to match the theme.

This includes cursors, menu tiles, text boxes, and even the title screen! Font colors were softened to more match the color palette of the interface. Purple now replaces the original red max friendship color. The letter and envelopes have even been redesigned!

The new dialogue boxes!

The fishing interface and treasure chests have been recolored, and villager portrait boxes now have a cool wing-type moon design! Lastly, the bulletin board (includes the help board and calendar) has been changed up to fit the color scheme as well. Give this mod a try and show the author some love!


First off, back up your Content folder! This is very important, you’ll need to do this to remove the mod without potentially messing up your game. You can do this by navigating to your Stardew Valley folder and copy and pasting the Content folder to your desktop. I recommend you re-name it to something like “Content Original” so you can always use this to restore your game to the vanilla version. For help finding your game’s local files, check out part of this guide.

Next you’ll need to replace all of the .xnb files from the download with the corresponding files in your Stardew Valley folders. Once done, restart your game and you’re ready to go!

Created by: walpi

Experience Bars Mod

What do all RPG-style games have that Stardew Valley seems to be missing? Experience bars! This neat little mod will help bring that wonderful RPG feel right to your game, as well as act as a great quality-of-life enhancement to quickly check or track your sweet leveling progress.

How the bars appear ingame

Don’t want the bars to appear on your screen at all times? You can toggle them on and off with the X key.


This mod is SMAPI compatible! Check out our SMAPI modding guide!

Created by: spacechase0

User Interface Suite Mod

This UI Suite Mod adds everything you could need to the UI and more!

A sample of the friendship tab

It gives you a range of tools that can be toggled on and off at your leisure that will enhance your game experience substantially. The current features include…

  • Adds more tooltips that give useful information
  • Crop type and days until harvest tooltip
  • Displays NPCs on the map (Also see: NPC Map Locations)
  • Displays a dynamic experience point bar depending on your current tool or location (Also see: Experience Bars Mod)
  • Displays an icon that represents the current day’s luck
  • Displays experience point gains
Level up & exp gains!
  • Displays icon over animals that need petting (Also see: Animal Friendship Labels)
  • Displays icon over animals when they have items for you
  • Displays more accurate hearts based on how close you are to gaining one
  • Sprinkler and scarecrow range indicator
  • View calendar and quest billboard anywhere
An overview of the new UI

All of these can be toggled within the in-game menu if you’d like to use a different mod (alternative mods listed!) or simply don’t want to use a
certain feature.


This mod is SMAPI compatible! Check out our SMAPI modding guide!

Farming Settings

In the Config (what’s this? check out this guide!) you’ll be able to edit the following…

  • keysForBarrelAndCropTimes: key press to display barrel and crop times
  • canRightClickForBarrelAndCropTimes: allow right click to display barrel and crop time
  • Sprinkler: the range for sprinkler and scarecrows, defaults to the standard ranges but can be edited in case another mod alters this behavior


Created by: demiacle
Updated by: AltF7

NPC Map Locations Mod

Let’s face it, no one likes wandering around Pelican Town looking for a specific villager to get a quest or give them a gift. This useful mod will display every villager for you on your game map as they move in realtime. Not only does this serve as a great way to find townspeople and merchants, but it works very well for keeping up with villager’s birthdays and different quests all around the game as these are displayed as well! 

Feel like it’s a bit too much? There’s a ton of handy immersion settings provided by the author so you can adjust the power and capabilities of the mod to your liking. You can choose to only see villagers above a certain heart level, only villagers you’ve talked to already that day, and much more.

Settings Galore

If you press the TAB button when your map is open, you will be greeted with a settings menu in which you can set the following (and more!):

You can choose to…

  • Show all villagers at all times
  • Show only villagers you’ve talked to that day
  • Hide villagers you’ve talked to that day
  • Hide villagers not in your location (such as buildings)
  • Only show villagers within a specified heart level


There’s also some neat settings that allow you to…

  • Show hidden villagers
  • Show traveling merchant
  • Show any custom installed NPC
  • Mark NPCs with quests or birthdays

This mod is essential for new Stardew Valley players, and will provide plenty of helpful features even for you farming veterans out there, check it out!


This mod is SMAPI compatible! Check out our SMAPI modding guide!

Created by: Bouhm