Monoculture Achievement Guide

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The Monoculture achievement is earned by shipping 300 of a single type of crop. Progress towards this can be made over the course of your entire game, and you will most likely get this naturally. However, if you’re not quite the farming type, we’re here to help! You can easily earn this achievement over the course of one season, or 28 ingame days.


The Fast Method

You’ll need to do a little bit of planning to pull this off! Before you reach Summer, you need to make sure to have at least 1,200g to spend. Don’t worry, you’ll make it back pretty quickly! Once you’re ready, head over to Pierre’s General Store to buy 20 Hops Starters. These Hops will take 11 days to grow, but after that you are able to harvest all of them every single day.


Stardew Valley Monoculture Achievement


You only have 16 days left in Summer, so make sure you’re watering and harvesting the plants daily. If you harvest all 20 plants each day, you’ll end up with 320 hops to ship, along with a shiny new achievement earned!

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