NPC Map Locations Mod

Stardew Valley NPC Map Locations Mod

Let’s face it, no one likes wandering around Pelican Town looking for a specific villager to get a quest or give them a gift. This useful mod will display every villager for you on your game map as they move in realtime. Not only does this serve as a great way to find townspeople and merchants, but it works very well for keeping up with villager’s birthdays and different quests all around the game as these are displayed as well! 

Feel like it’s a bit too much? There’s a ton of handy immersion settings provided by the author so you can adjust the power and capabilities of the mod to your liking. You can choose to only see villagers above a certain heart level, only villagers you’ve talked to already that day, and much more.

Stardew Valley NPC Map Locations Mod 2

Settings Galore

If you press the TAB button when your map is open, you will be greeted with a settings menu in which you can set the following (and more!):

You can choose to…

  • Show all villagers at all times
  • Show only villagers you’ve talked to that day
  • Hide villagers you’ve talked to that day
  • Hide villagers not in your location (such as buildings)
  • Only show villagers within a specified heart level
Stardew Valley NPC Map Locations Mod 3


There’s also some neat settings that allow you to…

  • Show hidden villagers
  • Show traveling merchant
  • Show any custom installed NPC
  • Mark NPCs with quests or birthdays

This mod is essential for new Stardew Valley players, and will provide plenty of helpful features even for you farming veterans out there, check it out!





Created by Bouhm
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